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Ragnarok Offline

Written By ๖̶̶̶ۣۜc-mp3ñk on Saturday, December 10, 2011 | 7:53 PM

Ragnarok Offline

anyone who does not know which one this game ^ _ ^
This game from the past until now a lot of interest which,,
but this time I just shared offline who wrote, so even if there is surf gag can still play continues to be a GM

if not, please download, then wrote directly to the folder overwrite the original Ragnarok (direct play)

how to use:

click RUNSERVER.BAT until the 3 windows peperti picture below
Ragnarok Offline
then wait until severnya finished loading and ready to go

f the server is already , just click LOGIN SEVER.EXE (for login to the game)

to enter please fill in with:

username : gm01
password : gm01

username : gm02
password : gm02

username : gm03
password : gm03

username : gm04
password : gm04

itu adalah 4 account GM, untuk maen sebagai user biasa harus di isi dgn username_M/F trus password,
contoh :
username : admin_M/F  ( M untuk har laki2 dan Fmuntuk char perempuan )
password : admin

selamat bermain ^_^


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