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Trik Empire & Allies Update Event Natal 2011

Written By ๖̶̶̶ۣۜc-mp3ñk on Monday, December 19, 2011 | 11:33 PM

Trik Empire & Allies Update Event Natal 2011

The latest tricks and complete, do the same like the previous.

How to use:

1. Click on the link material which needed
2. shared to a neighbor / friend / your FB account which only
3. after choose friends who will send it, do not click send
4. click again some other material up to you
5. select friends again, repeat this material who depend on need, if you feel any material you have selected, then click send.
6. This way we can use every 10 minutes,

Elemen Z
elemen z
1 elemen z 
elemen z
2 elemen z
elemen z
3 elemen z

Building Part

Upgrade BluePrint
Upgrade BluePrint
Approval Stam
Army Red Tape
Mission Map
Advanced Hull Plating
welding Kit
Attitude Indikator
Combat Bots
Body Armor
Night Vision Goggles
Off-Road Tire
Brush Guard
50 Caliber Gun
Turbo Diesel engine
Sabot Round

Camo Paint
Deck Turret
Sonar Sistem

Blast Shield
Radar Dish
Arrestor  Cable

AirSpeed Indicator
Flight Helmet
Ejector Seat
Gyro Stabilizer
VTOL Engine

Flight Suit
Smart Bomb
Covert Ops intel

Poison Dart
Decoder ring
Table Saw

Nail Gun
Gulungan kawat

Palu godam
Energi drink
Vacuum chamber

Rivet Gun
Industrial robotic Arm
Fire Extinguisher
Cooling Tower
Containment Unit

Box Of Rivent
Backup Generation
Giant Monkey Wrench
Flash Grenade

Hazmat Suit
C4 Detonator
Circuit Board
Laser sight
Power Supply

Mini Signal Dish
Hand-held gas Detector
Precision Scale

Wooden metal Ship Whell
Detecting Scientist
Bomb Disposal Robot

Bunsen Burner
High Speed Camera
Liquid Nitrogen Tank
Duct Tape Roll

Precision Tool Kit
Golden Lion Monkey
Tranquliser Dart
Van Key
Dooby Snack

Grady Squash
Oil Pump
Festive Banner
Weapon crete
Air Inlet

Helicopter Manual
HVAR Rocket
Mission Computer
Butterfly Tag
Butterfly Net

HESH Round
Air Compressor
Bernacle Scrape
Cabin Boy
Diving Helmet

Diving Permit
Giant Squid Repellent
Sea Crane
Swim Fin
Turkey Call

Ocellated turkey
Deuterium Gas
Neutron Generator
Particle Accelarator
Uranium 235

Blunder Buss
Pilgrim Hat
Turkey Tank Feather
Bilge Pump
Mini Gun

Tactical Vest
Brown Turkey
Vickers Gun
Javelin Missile
Malkara Missile

Turkey Chow Box
Turkey Chow Bag
Turkey Chow Drum
Bashful Turkey
Speedy Turkey

Stuffed Turkey
Supply Drop
Fire Helicopter
Airspace Clearance
Satellite Weather Map

Water Jug
Rescue Dog
Carrier Pigeon
Bombing Run
SuperComputer Node

Halon Fire Extinguisher
Glass Boot
L55 Ship Gun
Phalanx Gun

Brass gauge
F1M2 Float Plane
Marine Gas Turbine Engine
Steering Controls
Helmet Mounted Display

High Power Spotlight
Flare Gun
Wine Bottle

Black Peal

Treasure Map Fragment
Sand Bag
Racoon Image

Gps tracking Device

Scientific Record
Laser Satcom System
Air Raid Siren

Magnesium Inventer Coil

Radiator Shielding Panel
Rescue Boat
Reverse Injection Modulator

Supplay Crate
Inert container
British Gurkha Hat
Chinese PLA Helmet

French Legionnaire Hat
German KSk Helmet
Italian Alpini Cap
Turkish Beret

Navy Seal Hat
Tank Exhaust Cover
Sunburn Missile
TV3 Turboshaft Engine

Explosives Expert
Intel Agent

Psy-Ops Agent

Safety Glasses
Ship In a Bottle
Crap Brulee

Shredded Map Piece
Electronic Translator
Candy Bar

Self-Help Audiotape
Medical Bed
Side Stick Control
Submarine Hangar Door

Type 92 Machine Gun
Breach Loading Cannon
Marine Boiler
Royal Navy Flag

Jeep Grill
Lazer Radar System
Three Blade Prop
Satellite Spy Fhoto

Background Bio
Email Hacking Device
Diplomatic Visa
Rappel Rope
Armored Transport

Mission Plan
Joint Stike Map
Chain Hoist
Fiber Glass Crate
Metal Create

Wooden Crate
Fork Lift
Blue Roller Door
Green Roller Door
Yellow Roller Door

First Aid Kit
Snow Shovel
Frozen Sensor
Polar Monkey

Emergency Runway Light
Pair of Mittens
Bun Warmer

Moose Horn Helmet
Penquin Disguise
Thick Vault Door

Laser Trip Wire
Security Camera
Motion Sensor
Treasure vault key

Chrismas Light
Chrismas Radar
Horten Engine
Kettenkrad Fork
Turbo Fan

Surat Perluasan
20 Kayu
20 Minyak
3 Aluminium
3 Tembaga

3 Emas
3 Besi
3 Uranium
150 Koin

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