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Undisable char Ninja saga

Written By ๖̶̶̶ۣۜc-mp3ñk on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 | 10:11 PM

Undisable char Ninja saga

Who may already know a lot, but I just want to tell who do not know how to disable apt char undisable account (account suspended) that caused the use of cheat token / token jockey who cheap (illegal).

this way can restore the emblem but char, gold, jutsu, token etc., and reset back to 0 (the beginning of the game / newbey)

if interest please go to the tutor

Tutorial :

Go to  :

¤ enter EMAIL FB
¤ enter NAME FB
SUBJECT ¤ on the content: recovery account suspended

then wait until there is an email reply which is sent by the Ns to your email, the email like this example:

Dear Player,

Thank you for your continuous support to Ninja Saga.

Under special consideration, we decide to offer you an one-off special account re-activation service as a kind of appreciation and generosity. 

Even so, remedy to Ninja Saga is inevitable and the details is listed as below:
1. All Saga Tokens you obtained from any hacking or cheating activities will be cancelled out to zero. The Token amount will be returned to the amount before the suspension.
2. You need to pay the fine. The fine is the sum of the monetary amount of Tokens you had used from hacking (for whatever purposes) in your account + penalty + administration fee. OR you can settle it by purchasing the equivalent amount of Saga Tokens and then retain them in your account for deduction (see below).
3. You can ONLY choose ONE payment method to re-activate your account.
4. This offer is an one-off. You have 3 days for consideration effectively from the date of this offer and no extension will be granted under any circumstances. Please reply us at your soonest. Any late response will not be handled for whatever reasons.
5. After receipt of your acceptance, you will receive our payment notice soon. Then you should settle the fine through our designated channels within 3 weeks. In the same period of time, your Ninja Saga account will re-open for your settlement but your characters are still disabled. Please remind that your Ninja Saga account will be closed permanently if we fail to receive your fine after 3 weeks.
6. After reactivation, you MUST use ALL your characters to login Ninja Saga ONCE in every 24 hours (i.e. 3 characters - login 3 times) as a commitment after paying administration fee. If any one of your characters FAIL to commit, your character(s) will be suspended again without further notice. Addition administration fee will be charged again for re-open.
7. You need to notify us for your payment then your record will be updated.
8. By the time you accept our offer, Ninja Saga implies that we have your consent to the additional terms & conditions listed above. If Ninja Saga has found there is any hacking and cheating activities in your account in future, we shall terminate your character or/and account permanently without further notice.

To re-activate your account, you will have to:


1) You need to retain 29000 (remedy + penalty) + 1000 (admin fee) = 30000 Tokens in your account for deduction.


2) Settle a fine of US$290 (remedy + penalty) + $10 (admin fee) which is US$300 in total.

** Hereby players are strongly advised NOT to make any payments via any unofficial channels, websites or friends. You are kindly reminded that you will have to bear all consequences, including all kinds of losses upon the payments you made, while Ninja Saga will not indemnify for any claim.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
Ninja Saga

if the email like the example above is accepted, continue to reply to this email with

after you got the shipment email yet, you can already play ns anymore with the emblem which has been recovered 

Horeeeeeee,,,,,, Independence ...... Freedom .... hahahahaha ... hahahh

" Have Fun "

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