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Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Using One Email

Written By ๖̶̶̶ۣۜc-mp3ñk on Sunday, March 11, 2012 | 3:31 PM

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Using One Email
How To Make A lot of Facebook in an Email, in the event "Player in NS usually required to Menginvite Friends" to get the reward, and you would be overwhelmed to get in because the invite friends who have never played ninja saga then you will make a lot of email to make facebook "new. it would be very tiring and very need it for a long time. this time I would give tips for your viewing pleasure.

1. open your yahoo mail account.
2. click option, click the email option (in the right corner slightly upwards) on the left you will look in your account settings.
3. click an account, click the plus account (yahoo email address, in addition to the primary email, so a second email account).
4. click easy to dispose of email, click the plus email (at the top), you will be prompted to enter a base name that will be used as the email address easy to dispose of you.
5. after entering the name of the base, follow the instructions. (eg: a base name, 001 is the name which you can at will give you)
Last click save changes to save the email.
repeat until you are at will, providing 500 yahoo email easily discard.
any confirmation of this email will go to your original email.
These emails can be created using that apply everywhere including facebook.
so if the original email hack you stay safe. (email this waste can not be easy for you to open the original email)

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Using One Email

now create a Facebook account with your email easily dispose of.
that make email safe so you should create two different profiles on email, for example, in the same yahoo in gmail.
make one of the email as a primary email.
Do not turn on questions of security (security question is the most ridiculous security easily penetrated)
enable confirmation email through another email address.
so if you forget the account, must send confirmation via email to another email address.

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