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Get a dollar to within a few days

Written By ๖̶̶̶ۣۜc-mp3ñk on Thursday, March 15, 2012 | 12:21 AM

Get a dollar to within a few days
This method might help my friend and gentlemen, be it a blogger / NS players who want to get a free dollar in a matter of days,,,

This way I have proved, first I also do not believe anyway,,
but just go to my paypal account, it turns out dollar in,,, ^ _ ^
so I immediately posted this way,, ehehe

it just info, my account on the new link is only 5 days since this article poting ... so go directly to the tutorial,,

1. Register here
2. enter your data with true
3. confirmation email reply, so that your account is active
4.if there are words "Sorry, verification failed! You can click here to get a return address that was obtained" just click on the email you http://id.ipanelonline

Get a dollar to within a few days

See next picture

1. a confirmation link
2. click if there is an error writing

5. enter your email and password that you register before
6. after login, click on my profile => change the picture (this is mandatory because if we do not put a picture of the transaction will not be in the process.)

Get a dollar to within a few days

The next step we just collect as many points possible use if we have a lot point2 points that we can change with the dollar, dollars that we can we can spend.

 7. I get the point => Click Indonesia Online Survey Centre . there will be no

  • Sistim Investigasi
  • Survei Mutual
  • Survei Bisnis
  • Hot Vote 
  • Quick Survey 
you are free to select which one alone ... important we diligently to collect lots of points.

8. follow-up survey if you are lazy like me, you just spread your link, with the way:

  • click Recommendations
  • copy and paste your link and deploy it on your Faceboon friends ^ _ ^
  • every friend who you invent, you get 50 points

Get a dollar to within a few days

see picture

9. click to redeem Points Exchange My => click Exchange Points => then you just choose one.
if it chose us just click the Exchange have now. (Autologin your balance will be truncated)

Get a dollar to within a few days

wait a few days, if you succeed in your paypal account then you will like this

Get a dollar to within a few days

see picture

" Have Fun "

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  1. kayaknya penukaran dalam nilai rupiah dehh...

  2. @pandhawa-Tiga : emank dalam Rupah gan, tpi klo udah masuk ke paypal itu jadi $


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